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starting now

cleveland radical women's meeting

please forward to all the local radical women you know!


greetings cleveland area activist women!

as some of you may know, the promise keepers
( and the american life league
( are both going to be in town friday july 22 and
saturday july 23. the promise keepers event is friday and saturday at
gund arena--these are huge, strange worshippy gatherings that they have.

the promise keepers are a christian group for men that encourages men to
reclaim the traditional masculine role of being the head of the household,
and the boss of the wife. this, of course, means anti-women and
anti-choice. the american life leagure is an anti-choice group.

i have been wanting to have a get together for radical activist women in
cleveland so that we get to know each other better, talk about how we feel
about the state of the cleveland activist movements and our parts in them
as women, share ideas, whatever else (?!), and of course have fun!

i think that planning some sort of action for this could be a great way to
strengthen our 0+ ties.

on friday, july 8 at 730pm i'll be holding a potluck and meeting at my
apartment for all women-identified individuals who are interested.

if you want to come, email me and i can give you directions to my house.

if you cant make it but still want to be in the radical 0+ club cleveland,
or want to help out with the promise keepers stuff, let me know.

0+ solidarity and struggle,
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