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abortion issues in Ohio



My name is Leonard Crist and I’m the editor of a new alternative paper in Youngstown, Ohio called the Walruss. www.walrussblog.com


For our next issue, I am working on an article about the battle over abortion rights in Ohio and around the country. It’s easy to find talking heads who feel one way or another on the subject, but it’s not so easy to find women who have actually had an abortion, or seriously contemplated having one.


So I’m asking any women reading this who have had an abortion to contact me at lennycrist@gmail.com. My hope is that we can discuss your experiences, feelings and thoughts on abortion (regardless of whether you are currently pro-choice or pro-life) to better add Ohio's voice to the national dialogue on this topic.


If you wish to remain anonymous in my article, that is not a problem. As a reporter, I vigilantly protect my sources.  


Thank you very much

Leonard Glenn Crist

Editor in Chief

The Walruss

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