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Lending Library/Infoshop in Cleveland 
07:26am 12/11/2012
  Would anyone like to start a lending library/infoshop of some sorts in the Cleveland area? It's odd that there isn't an infoshop in this city and wondering if there is anyone interested in such a thing.

If so you should message me or email me at celchumpdrama@riseup.net

The Casino  
11:35am 06/02/2011
  Hello,sorry if this topic isnt allowed.

I was just wondering what you all think abou the new casino that is going to be in the old Higbee's building downtown.I think it's a gret job oppurtunity for our city.

What are your thoughts?
06:10pm 21/06/2009
  I'm visiting Cleveland next weekend and thinking of moving there in a couple months. I was wondering if there is an infoshop in Cleveland or one possibly in the works? And is there much in terms of activism there and are there many anarchists/anti-authoritarians working together on things?

I've tried to find information about Cleveland and wasn't able to come across much.
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09:46am 02/06/2009

Voices and Choices
Tuesdays 9-10pm
WRUW-FM 91.1 Cleveland

(you can download this show to listen to later see below for info)

our show tonight is dedicated to dr. george tiller.

on sun., may 31, 2009, dr. george tiller, an abortion provider in wichita, kansas, was assassinated while attending church. while this self-righteous gunman no doubt thinks that he did the world a service, he killed a good man and he sentenced women in this country and in other countries to death as a result of his actions.

dr. tiller is one of the few abortion doctors in the united states who performs late-term abortions. he did this despite domestic terrorists trying to thwart his every move.

over the years:

* dr. tiller was shot in both arms in a failed assassination attempt
* his clinic was bombed
* anti-choice activists relocated to kansas for the sole purpose of harassing dr. tiller and his staff
* he was taken to court, including being subjected to grand jury investigations--in an attempt to discredit the legitimacy of his practice--none of these were successful
* his life was always under threat, always

throughout it all, dr. tiller stood strong. despite being shot in both arms in 1993, he went to work the following day.

why? because dr. tiller knew what was at stake: women's lives. when women/girls can't get or afford safe abortions, they do what they think they need to do and that sometimes results in women dying. dr. tiller knew that.

we mourn dr. tiller's life. we also must celebrate his life--for dr. tiller was a man who loved life and made deliberate decisions.

a fist to my heart for dr. tiller
a fist to the sky for dr. tiller

Voices and Choices
Tuesdays 9-10pm
WRUW-FM 91.1 Cleveland

If you want to listen to our show on the internet, or download it to hear at another time, please go to:


select "program guide"
select listings for tuesday
select the listing near voices and choices

shows are archived for one week

E-mail us: voicesandchoices@yahoo.com
Patient-Instructing job opportunities 
01:55pm 27/08/2008
mood: hopeful
I've been working in this program for eight years, and feel absolutely passionately about the work we do, and the effects we have. I'm posting this because we're looking for new patient-instructors. If you'd like to ask me any questions about my experiences in the program, just comment here, or email me through my LJ account, and I'd be happy to answer them. It's also fine to pass this along to other mailing lists/resources to which it might be relevant or interesting.


Interested in women's and men's reproductive health?

Would you like to help teach medical and advanced practice nursing students how to provide the best possible reproductive health care to their patients?

Consider training as a patient-instructor, a specialized form of standardized patient. Learn to guide students through well-woman or male genitourinary exams, as both the model and the instructor. No previous experience necessary, full training provided as part of the program.

Help make a difference in the health care we all receive!

Work is very part-time, weekday evenings, $20/hr.

For more information, contact:

Stephanie Berger

Cleveland Free Clinic

216 721 4010 voice mail only: x1613
Talk on Direct Action as "terrorism" + animal rights workshp 
11:08am 27/10/2006
  1) Environmental and Animal Activists Caught in the "War on Terror": Is Prison a Badge or a Burden?

Lee Hall looks at the interaction between activists' tactics and the laws aimed at controlling them. As the "war on terror" meets Internet activism, conspiracy charges and long prison sentences are the hallmarks of modern suppression of dissent. Lee Hall pinpoints the major ways industries have developed to manage activists, and offers a new vision for a successful -- yet radical -- animal and environmental advocacy movement.

Friday, Nov. 3 at 4:30 pm
Free. Vegan snacks provided.
Oberlin College, Wilder Student Union Rm. 101
135 West Lorain St., Oberlin, OH 44074

2) Workshop on Animal Rights Activism: Saturday afternoon, Nov 4 at Oberlin College (time & place TBA). Lee Hall will lead an interactive discussion on campaigns and strategies to help activists design actions that best further animal rights and veganism. Wefarism, militarism, and rights-focused approaches will all be examined. Comment for more information.

Lee Hall's bioCollapse )

Sponsored by Oberlin Animal Rights
abortion issues in Ohio 
05:20pm 14/09/2006



My name is Leonard Crist and I’m the editor of a new alternative paper in Youngstown, Ohio called the Walruss. www.walrussblog.com


For our next issue, I am working on an article about the battle over abortion rights in Ohio and around the country. It’s easy to find talking heads who feel one way or another on the subject, but it’s not so easy to find women who have actually had an abortion, or seriously contemplated having one.


So I’m asking any women reading this who have had an abortion to contact me at lennycrist@gmail.com. My hope is that we can discuss your experiences, feelings and thoughts on abortion (regardless of whether you are currently pro-choice or pro-life) to better add Ohio's voice to the national dialogue on this topic.


If you wish to remain anonymous in my article, that is not a problem. As a reporter, I vigilantly protect my sources.  


Thank you very much

Leonard Glenn Crist

Editor in Chief

The Walruss

06:42pm 17/08/2006

What: Protest of specific case situation (my dog Simba, more below), but on a larger scale the vast number of animals that are being put down for non-existant reasons at the flick of a hand. Also promotion of proper pet training and care.
Where: Outside the Cleveland APL. The shelter is locared at 1729 Willey Ave, Cleveland, OH, 44113.
When: Friday, August 18th. The shelter is open from 10am to 6:30pm and I plan to be there before they open and not to leave until after they close. No obligation to be there for any specific amount of time.

THIS PROTEST IS NOT TO DISCOURAGE THE ADOPTION OF ANIMALS FROM THE SHELTER, but rather to give a loved, amazing dog back to his family, and to attempt to treat and protect all dogs capable of rehibilitation. It is entirely normal for a dog who has been in stressful changing enviornments to behave the way that they do. IN FACT, I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE CAPABLE OF CARING FOR A PET TO ADOPT ONE FROM A SHELTER, THE APL INCLUDED.

My dog is sitting in the Cleveland APL. Last night, while I was at work, my parents took him from from room and drove him to the animal shelter.
I adopted him less than two weeks ago, and he very quickly started to show some signs of aggression. He snaped at anybody who tried to touch his collar. After just a day or so of realizing we intended him no harm, he relaxed to that situation. He also became snapy when we tried to take a toy away - or a pillow, a cup, a magazine, etc. Dogs learn to snap (sort of bite with no real intention to press hard or cause harm, just to ward off) in response to situations where that behaviour has worked for them. Having been through two other homes (at least 1 of which was abusive), he likely had this behavious reinforced. I started to work with him this past sunday on his aggression very closely - I provoked him to bit at my arms and each time would say no and correct. He very quickly picked up on the idea that this tactic was no longer working. I started to teach him to give things up through calm assertiveness and I thought him to "relax" on command. I have never seen a dog so smart who learns so quickly. Last friday, Simba had approx. 1 minute where he "lunged" toward my father. I was no there but this is what scared my parents out of him. A dog that wants to break skin CAN - he will GRAB and SHAKE HIS HEAD. If he does NOT behave like this, he is not actually trying to hurt anyone.
On monday, my parents told me they were taking him back to the shelter. I ran barefoot and barely dressed into the streets with the dog and refused to return because I knew that they were going to take him back. I stayed with a friend for a lot of that day, and by the evening my parents called and told me that if he stayed in my room and he didn't lash out again, that it would be okay. In just a few days, Simba learned to listen to be VERY well as described and showed very little aggression once I taught him not to. He could not have made better improvements. He could NOT have done anything MORE right - by my parents had made up their mind about him the instant that they realized he wasn't our last dog, who passed away this past winter.
I was betrayed and behind my back, my parents took him and signed him into the ownership of an organization who's shit I will get to in a moment. I work evenings at a grocery store and I showed up home to the dog, the cage, all of his toys and things just completely gone.
I told my parents before they did that I considered Simba my child. I am worried my relationship with them is very wounded. I just want my dog back.
I arrived at opening at the APL this morning in tears and they told me that he was still alive. One woman, nice but misguaded, took me aside and told me that they could not allow the dog to leave with me. That's when I had to deal with the Cunt from hell Lisa, who is the final "say" in every animal's life at that shelter. She admited to me that 54% of the animals they take in are killed, that the organization's reputation is the most important thing to her, and that the lawsuit they're suffering from a dog bite has taught them to kill a lot more animals.
I am dealing with the police, the news, etc.

PLEASE come out to the shelter tommorow if you can between 9am and 7pm to protest this place. I want to get into what else they said, what is so awful, etc - but I feel deflated. I will get it all out in information packets, etc.
The shelter is locared at 1729 Willey Ave, Cleveland, OH, 44113. It's close to the west side market. THE PROTEST IS NOT JUST FOR SIMBA - The things I heard and learned today are disgusting and an organization cannot pride itself on an image when the picture is so different in the back room.

I feel so, so alone. My dog is my family. I should have protected him harder.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
I don't know his current situation but I am hoping it is not too late for him. If there is nothing I can do to save this dog that I love with all of my heart, I will only be able to use it to grow stronger in my conviction to help other dogs and animals that are experiencing similiar circumstances. I will never regret my time with Simba and I haven't hoped so hard for a miracle in so long. Beyond this dog there is an endless supply of others being overlooked and tossed aside.
12:58pm 01/07/2006
  Where: Lakewood Park, off Belle and Lake Ave. in Lakewood
When: 12 Noon-Whenever

Come to Lakewood Park at noon on the 4th of July for a day full of positive radical action!

Bring whatever creative outlet you see fit -- instruments, music, jump-ropes, sidewalk chalk, food to share, literature to distribute....the sky's the limit.

This event is not for spectators. Come prepared to participate in any way. Get them creative juices flowin'!

Meet at the artillery (the big cannon near the pavillion) at noon.

See you there!

Questions?  Comment here or email me at syntaxevasion [at] gmail dot come
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Protest Cleveland Police Brutality Saturday 
01:34pm 14/06/2006
  The people putting this on are a good group of folks that I've worked with before. Some of these murders are just outrageous. One was considered justified simply because he was an alleged "drug dealer" who ran from the cops, on foot. No gun, no attempting to injure cops, just running - and that was enough to be shot to death. Then there's the 15 year old that got shot something like 10 times by the cops. I hope some of ya'll can come out to this.

Protest Cleveland Police Brutality

City of Cleveland Justifies Whitewashing of Murder by the Police
Rally and March:
June 17th, 2006
105th & St. Clair

Contact Black on Black Crime for more information:
Tonight at Bounce in Cleveland! 
02:31pm 15/04/2006
delete this if it isn't allowed 
04:29am 11/04/2006
  Hey! This is way off topic, but I am in desperate need of help. About 1 1/2 months ago, my two rats mated and had 8 babies. We found a home for one, my sister wants one, and I am keeping 2. We still need homes for 4 of them, and I was wondering if you'd be interested?

I have a picsCollapse )
Come See Us! 
08:02pm 29/03/2006

Created By criminaltheory

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04:33pm 10/02/2006
  The Global 4 Conference
April 7-9 in Cincinnati, Ohio
University of Cincinnati

Global conferences bring people together to learn about and discuss the many negative impacts of globalization upon social, political and environmental justice for people the world over.  Attendees come from all walks of life and are able to experience numerous activities that serve to both inform and inspire. Global conferences have definitely focused on the continuously growing power of corporations and governments over people's lives.

Global 4 will feature events similar to those of past conferences and contain some new additions as well.  The final schedule will include: workshops, caucuses, panel discussions, demonstrations, free food, two nights of music at venues near campus and many wonderful intangibles. A keynote speaking event early Saturday evening will feature two respected and insightful speakers currently being determined. All groups and individuals concerned with the drastic effects of globalization upon lives across the world are encouraged to participate by tabling or teaching a workshop. Sharing your knowledge is a great way to legitimate its existence!

How to get involved:

Those interested in tabling or teaching a workshop are invited to submit proposals via the url above. There will be absolutely no charges from us associated with either tabling or workshops.

Email questions and concerns about Global or the upcoming Global 4 Conference to contact@cincinnatiglobal.org

Just want to register/RSVP?

05:05pm 06/12/2005

Remember back in June there was this group called Repent America that had us and Anti-Racist Action giving them problems as they demonstrated against PrideFest in Philadelphia, PA? Well, there was an action against two of of the members of Repent America at their home. Reportedly police came to deal with it, the Patriot Act makes an appearence and when the smoke cleared three demonstrators were arrested. One of those arrested is in the hospital, and at press time not much else is known. The other two were released. This is a release that was just issued to us by Philadelphia ARA. If you can help, there is contact information provided. Mad props to ARA, by the way. Repent America is getting more and more nasty these days, and it is high time they get called out on their crap.

Philadelphia Anti-Racist Action
4 Dec 05
Three members of Philadelphia Anti-Racist Action were arrested today at a peaceful demonstration in support of Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender rights and reproductive freedom in Phoenixville, PA. One of the arrested was badly beaten by police and had to be hospitalized. All information as to his health, whereabouts, charges, and bail is being withheld by police. The remaining two arrestees were charged with violating a provision of the
USA PATRIOT Act pertaining to supplying identification to law enforcement personnel and later released.

The demonstration took place outside the home of two organizers with the notorious queer-bashing and anti-reproductive freedom organization, Repent America, whose members regularly harrass and intimidate members of the L/G/B/T community and disrupt events such as AIDS fundraisers and pride festivals. The legality of such demonstrations has been clearly established through various precedents, but police forcibly ended the gathering, arresting the three individuals, severely injuring one of them. A similar demonstration took place earlier in the day in a neighboring town, and although police were present, it proceeded without any incident whatsoever.

Despite the fact that the individuals were peacefully attempting to call attention to the Repent America organizers' attempts to incite violence against queer and transgendered individuals and terrorize their communities, they have been charged with violating a provision of the USA PATRIOT Act, ostensibly a set anti-terrorist laws, which have instead been used to target nonviolent political activists. By using the USA PATRIOT Act against such activists, law enforcement personnel are attempting to equate peaceful protest, and even dissent itself, with terrorism. This has a chilling effect on individuals' willingness to publicly disagree with government policy, or even with organizations such as Repent America, which regularly attempt to incite violence against women and queers.

The misuse of the USA PATRIOT Act is only one tactic used by law enforcement agencies in the war against dissent. The injured protester
had been violently thrown to the ground and then slammed into the side of a car before being taken away. He is believed to still be in
custody, but police are refusing to divulge any information about his charges or medical condition. It is further unknown if and when he
will be permitted to post bail.

Members of Philadelphia Anti-Racist Action are calling on individuals to contribute to a fund being readied in the event the activist is permitted to post bail. It is imperative that his release be secured as soon as possible in order to ensure that he receives appropriate medical care. Anyone able to contribute is urged to contact Tom Keenan at 609-468-9562, or email him at tompkeenan@gmail.com.
paid canvassing 
08:47pm 22/07/2005
mood: curious
Hi there. I was just wondering both if anyone knows the number/address/website for "PERG" PIRG (thanks, kaytay253) a Cleveland, Ohio community that canvasses door to door, and if anyone has had any experience with these or any other paid canvassing positions.
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demonstration against the promise keepers this friday 
11:07pm 19/07/2005



A coalition of local Cleveland women will stage protests on Friday, July 22, at the intersection of Huron Road and Ontario Street, in front of Gund Arena from the hours of 8-10 a.m. and 3-6 p.m. in response to the radical right wing organization Promise Keepers. Promise Keepers are holding their 2005 men’s conference at Gund Arena the weekend of July 22-23.

Promise Keepers, Inc. is a product of the leadership of well-financed religious and political extremists organizations, designed to create a men-only movement to promote their ultra-conservative agenda.

With a reported annual budget of over $27 million, Promise Keepers' supporters read like a who's who of the right wing, including Pat Robertson of the Christian Coalition, Jerry Falwell of the 700 Club, and Gary Bauer of the Family Research Council. The Promise Keepers are attempting to roll back the historic gains in women's equality, as well as in lesbian and gay civil rights.

A look at the men behind the Promise Keeper's movement reveals their true agenda: Extremist Pat Robertson once claimed that "AIDS is God's way of weeding his garden," and Promise Keepers founder Bill McCartney served on the board of Colorado for Family Values, the organization that sponsored the anti-gay ballot measure, Amendment 2, to exclude lesbians and gay men
in Colorado from civil rights protection. And to clear up any doubt about PK's political designs, Raleigh Washington, leader of the Promise Keepers' 1997 "Stand in the Gap" march on the capitol said, "We are producing leaders in this organization. They will enter the political sphere."

Clevelanders and other concerned individuals will come together to expose the Promise Keepers and their deceptive agenda. They will not march into Cleveland in a parade of pseudo-morality and religion as they push their oppressive agenda.

WHO: A coalition of local women and other Clevelanders and concerned individuals
WHAT: Demonstration to Oppose Promise Keepers Anti-Women, Anti-Lesbian and Anti-Gay Agenda
WHERE: Intersection of Huron Road and Ontario Street, in front of Gund Arena
WHEN: Friday, July 22, 8-10 a.m. and 3-6 p.m.

04:26pm 05/07/2005
  Disability Rights and the Supreme Court Battle
ADAWatch.org - July 5, 2005

New York Times writers David E. Rosenbaum and Lynette Clemetson's analysis (see below) of the O'Connor resignation -- and the coalition efforts to influence her replacement -- illustrates the significance of disability rights in understanding how far the political "center" has actually moved to the right over the last 15 years. The article also cites the "National Coalition for Disability Rights" as among those organizations rapidly responding and calling for an "consensus candidate" to fill O'Connor's seat on the Supreme Court.

The article focuses on Washington insiders Ralph Neas and C. Boyden Gray, both of whom were influential leaders in the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act. (Neas is also a founding member of the ADA Watch/NCDR National Advisory Council.)

While observers seem to reflexively call disability organizations involved in the judicial nominations debate "liberal," it is important to remind opinion makers that the ADA passed with overwhelming bipartisan support in Congress and was signed into law by a Republican president. Current opinion polls continue to show strong bipartisan support of the ADA among the general public.

Disability organizations -- DREDF, Bazelon, AAPD, NCIL, ADA Watch/NCDR and many others -- working in coalition to influence judicial nominations, transcend "liberal/conservative" and other labels by calling for a nominee who will uphold the ADA, other disability rights laws, and the intent of Congress in passing such protections.

The irony is that a ADA "hero" like C. Byden Gray is now doggedly working to push through all of the President's nominees -- regardless of their impact on people with disabilities.

Lobbyists Prepare for Battle

By David E. Rosenbaum And Lynette Clemetson
July 3, 2005
WASHINGTON - The last time Ralph G. Neas and C. Boyden Gray went head to head as commanding generals in a war over a Supreme Court confirmation was in 1991, when Clarence Thomas was the nominee. Now, with the resignation of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, they are adversaries again.

Gray, who was White House counsel for the elder George Bush, won the Thomas battle.

But by all accounts, Neas had the superior operation: a unified battalion of labor unions, civil rights groups, women's organizations, civil libertarians and environmentalists that had more money, more energy and packed more firepower than had ever been used in a Supreme Court fight. It was an expansion of the same force Neas had mobilized successfully in 1987 to defeat the nomination of Robert H. Bork.

After the bruising Thomas conflict, Gray, surprised by the fervor of the opposition, vowed he would never be outgunned again.

"When I was counsel, there was nothing out there," he said in a recent interview at his law office. "We didn't have the infrastructure with Bork or Thomas," he said. "The other side existed, but this side did not."

This year, said Gray, chairman of the Committee for Justice, which he formed three years ago to work for the president's judicial nominees, he was mustering outside forces that would be up to the fight. "There is a lot of coverage now," he said.

There is no doubt about the strength of Gray's side now. Progress for America, a group with close ties to the current Bush administration, has begun to spend a pledged $18 million on advertising and organizing for the confirmation battle.

Christian conservatives, who are far better organized and sophisticated than they were when the elder Bush named Thomas to the court, are springing into action. And Gray, like his opponent, expects to have amassed far greater reserves of cash and armies of activists this time around.

Some familiar faces are assisting Gray, who talks regularly with the White House about judicial nominees, in the confirmation campaign. The growing clout of Christian conservatives has given him new allies.

He works closely with Jay Sekulow, general counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice, a Christian conservative legal group founded by the televangelist Pat Robertson, and Leonard Leo, a top official of the conservative Federalist Society who doubles as director of Republican outreach to Catholics.

By contrast, Neas, now president of People for the American Way, is presiding over a liberal coalition that has stayed largely intact over the last 10 years, still led by the same handful of veterans.

After learning of the-O'Connor resignation Friday, Neas joined Nan Aron, president of the Alliance for Justice, and representatives from three dozen groups -- including the AFL-CIO, the American Association of University Women and the National Coalition for Disability Rights -- at a Capitol news conference to call for a "consensus nominee."

Neas' challenge is to keep those groups organized and to compile the evidence needed to block an objectionable nomination.

But of the two generals, he is less likely to face dissension in his ranks. His coalition has worked with the Democratic leadership in the Senate all year on appellate court nominees, and Neas himself is so closely tied to the Democrats in Congress that Sen. Edward M. Kennedy once called him "the 101st senator."

The conservatives, by contrast, are looser-knit and have a more contentious relationship with Republicans in the Senate. Gray's task is to hold them together, despite their divergent interests.

Progress for America, for instance, can be counted on to support President Bush's choice. "Our focus as an organization all along has been to defend the president's nominee, no matter who that person is, from attacks from liberal interest groups," said Jessica Boulanger, a spokeswoman for the organization.

But the Christian conservatives say they will back only a nominee with a clear record of subscribing to their views on abortion, gay marriage and the role of religion in public life.

"We're not an extension of the White House," said Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, which is a conservative Christian advocacy group.

Meanwhile, business groups, which have largely sat out the fights about the president's appeals court nominees, will make no commitment until Bush's choice for the Supreme Court is known.

As in their previous confirmation battles, both sides will rely on advertising blitzes, barrages of mail and phone calls and media campaigns to deliver their messages.

But this time, they will have to compete to shape public opinion in the faster, more intense world of 24-hour news shows, gossipy Web sites and online political blogs.

For Neas, the Supreme Court is the ultimate guardian of fundamental rights, ranging from civil rights to abortion rights.

For Gray, the Supreme Court is the final arbiter of the Constitution's enduring meaning, with no business usurping decisions better left to voters.

The two have not always been antagonists.

In 1989, when Gray was White House counsel, the two men worked together on the Americans With Disabilities Act.

But on the heels of that, they squared off as rivals once more on civil rights legislation.

"I have always respected him, and I hope that is mutual, though I don't know," Gray said.

Neas said he respected Gray's intellect and drive but said his view of him had diminished recently during a confirmation fight about an appellate court judge.

As part of its strategy to defend Judge Priscilla R. Owen, the Committee for Justice ran an advertisement picturing Neas, along with Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Tom Daschle and Patrick J. Leahy, on Old West-style wanted posters, calling them "a new gang" gunning for the conservative Bush nominee.

"It crossed the line," said Neas. "The whole thing was beyond the pale."
now is a critical moment for abortion 
04:56pm 01/07/2005
  sandra day o'connor's retirement means a new appointment to the supreme court. what used to be a 5-4 vote in favor of keeping abortion legal will probably start to slide right here. with a projected 30 states to ban abortion, things don't look good if roe v. wade is reversed, and the decision goes back to state hands. we need to do a research, move, and organize.

here is an article about o'connor's resignation, with some basic info:

below is some info i've compiled about the possible appointees to the supreme court.

it's probable that bush will try to appoint a right-wing extremist judge, and as i'm sure we all have guessed, none of these people seem to be on the side of keeping abortion legal.

this is a time when we're going to have to get creative and serious about keeping abortion legal, because urging our senators to fillibuster isn't going to be enough.

meetings, discussions, movie showings, etc. need to happen so that everyone knows where we are with abortion and where we can go.

if you're local, and want to brainstorm, you can contact me at
antiautomaton@mutualaid.org, and we can get people together in the greater cleveland area to talk.

others, you can organize yourselves in your areas and get stuff going there.

good luck,
in solidarity and struggle,
zirca, cleveland, ohio


information on possible appointments to the supreme court.Collapse )
cleveland radical women's meeting 
02:42pm 27/06/2005
  please forward to all the local radical women you know!


greetings cleveland area activist women!

as some of you may know, the promise keepers
(http://www.promisekeepers.org/) and the american life league
(http://www.all.org/) are both going to be in town friday july 22 and
saturday july 23. the promise keepers event is friday and saturday at
gund arena--these are huge, strange worshippy gatherings that they have.

the promise keepers are a christian group for men that encourages men to
reclaim the traditional masculine role of being the head of the household,
and the boss of the wife. this, of course, means anti-women and
anti-choice. the american life leagure is an anti-choice group.

i have been wanting to have a get together for radical activist women in
cleveland so that we get to know each other better, talk about how we feel
about the state of the cleveland activist movements and our parts in them
as women, share ideas, whatever else (?!), and of course have fun!

i think that planning some sort of action for this could be a great way to
strengthen our 0+ ties.

on friday, july 8 at 730pm i'll be holding a potluck and meeting at my
apartment for all women-identified individuals who are interested.

if you want to come, email me and i can give you directions to my house.

if you cant make it but still want to be in the radical 0+ club cleveland,
or want to help out with the promise keepers stuff, let me know.

0+ solidarity and struggle,